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Has the iPad revolutionized education?

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There are many ways in which the iPad can be a useful tool to help us in teaching and learning.

It is not without its drawbacks however: despite word processing apps it is difficult to write much without a physical keyboard; it lacks a proper file management system; it cannot view web pages with Flash.

Furthermore, the iPad does not support open source: all apps must be approved by Apple. The second version of the iPad does have a camera, countering one of the key objections to the first version.

However, providing one is aware of these drawbacks, and can design the learning experience around it, the iPad can be a highly useful adjunct to learning.

Sloan C's 2011 conference offered some advice to those wanting to implement iPad based programmes: start small and build, plan for technical support; look at what other people have done; get feedback.

Feedback, and sharing your experience, is highly important. The more we know about what users do, and don't value about using the iPad, the more likely we are to be able to pinpoint ways in which it can increase deep learning.