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Journal of Defense Analytics and Logistics

ISSN: 2399-6439


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This journal is owned by the Center for Operational Analysis & delivered by Emerald Publishing Services


  • Benjamin T. Hazen, Ph.D., Department of Operational Sciences, Air Force Institute of Technology
    [email protected]

  • Raymond R. Hill, Ph.D., Department of Operational Sciences, Air Force Institute of Technology
    [email protected]

Associate Editor

  • Matthew A. Douglas, Ph.D., Air Force Institute of Technology

Editorial Assistant

Content Editor

Editorial Board

  • Aruna Apte, Ph.D., Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Bryan Ashenbaum, Ph.D., Department of Management, Farmer School of Business, Miami University
  • John Bell, Ph.D., Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, University of Tennessee
  • Kevin Burgess, Ph.D., Centre for Defence Acquisition, Cranfield University
  • Jeff Cares, Adildade Incorporated
  • Stanley Fawcett, Ph.D., Goddard School o f, Weber State University
  • Samuel Fosso Wamba, Ph.D., Department of Information, Operations, and Management Sciences, Universite de Toulouse
  • Andreas H. Glas, Ph.D., Department of Security Economics and Defense Management, Universität der Bundeswehr München
  • Stanley Griffis, Ph.D., Department of Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University
  • Timothy Hawkins, Ph.D., Department of Marketing, Western Kentucky University
  • Lani Kass, Ph.D., CACI International, Inc.
  • Margaret Loper, Ph.D., Georgia Tech Research Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Benjamin J. Marlin, Ph.D., Department of Operations Research, Army Logistics University
  • Robert E. Overstreet, Ph.D., Department of Supply Chain Management, Iowa State University
  • Christopher R. Paparone, Ph.D., College of Professional and Continuing Education, Army Logistics University
  • Manuel Rossetti, Ph.D., Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Arkansas
  • Bradley Silver, Ph.D., Logistics Management Institute
  • Peter Tatham, Ph.D., Department of International Business & Asian Studies, Griffith University
  • Mark Wilson, Ph.D., Department of Supply Chain Management, Lincoln University
  • George A. Zsidisin, Ph.D., Department of Supply Chain Management and Analytics, Virginia Commonwealth University