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How to... conduct empirical research

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There are a number of well-written books on business research methods, which are generally aimed at an undergraduates and MBA students writing projects. If you want something more detailed, you will need to go to a book on a particular methodology.

Research Methods for Business Students, Third Edition
Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis, and Adrian Thornhill
(FT Prentice Hall, 2004, ISBN 1-4058-1397-0)

Particularly good on statistical analysis.

The Management of a Student Research Project
John Sharp, John Peters and Keith Howard
(Ashgate, 2003, ISBN 0-566-08490-2)

Also covers doctoral research.

Business Research Projects

Devi Jankowicz
(Thomson Learning, 1997, ISBN 1-844-80082-2) 

Good on qualitative methods.

Research Methods for Business: A Skill-building Approach

Uma Sekaram
(Wiley, 2002, ISBN 0-471-38448-8)

Is concerned with a scientific approach to business, and quantitative methods.

Surviving Your Thesis

edited by Suzan Burton and Peter Steane
(Routledge, 2004, ISBN 0-415-32222-7)

Mainly concerned with a whole range of issues concerning the PhD thesis, including finding a supervisor, funding etc., but does include a couple of good chapters on qualitative and quantitative research respectively.


There are also some good websites, again, mainly written with students in mind.

A good introduction to the subject developed by Andrew Roberts of the University of Middlesex.

Note that these writing guides are written by English PhD students so inevitably biassed towards English, but still has some good information.

by William M. Trochim of Cornell University.