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Real World Research - #RealWorldResearch

#RealWorldResearch – World Events

The world can be a scary place.
Research helps us make
sense of it



Image: #BlackLivesMatter – Beyond the hashtag
Featured article

#BlackLivesMatter – Beyond the hashtag

In the latest special issue published within the , Eddy Ng explores the evidence of anti-black racism which appears within educational contexts, workplaces, and healthcare settings. Here we highlight six key learnings that this research has unveiled.

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Image: Peter Kivisto.The US media and the election of
Donald J. Trump

Peter Kivisto, author of , discusses the role the media played in the election of Donald Trump, and what the rise of infotainment and post-truth, and the loss of the “vital center” means for American democracy.

Humanitarian Logistics: Mapping the future

Image: Humanitarian Logistics: Mapping the future.


With recent natural disasters such as Hurricane Irma and Harvey we’re taking a look at the latest research into the future developments of humanitarian logistics and how they can help with disaster relief.


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