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Image: Leadership mistakes you don't want to make.
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Leadership mistakes you don't want to make

Most of the time leadership is understood by understanding what makes successful leaders 'good'.

However, what if we look at the ‘dark side' of leadership and explore what it is exactly that defines an unethical leader?

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Image: The Great Man Theory
The Great Man Theory

Leadership: Exploring the concept of the Great Man Theory and its limitations in modern society.

Our exclusive podcast delves into the "Great Man Theory" and picks apart the major flaws in the idea that leadership is instinctive and a solo accomplishment.

Total Leadership.

To be successful in a changing global economy, managers must view the total enterprise and understand the forces shaping the firm's direction, policies, and goals and at the same time exercise personal leadership in managing employees.


Stewart Friedman talks here about his programme Total Leadership.

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