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How to make the construction sector greener

The construction sector is responsible for one-third of all global carbon emissions and one-third of global resource consumption. Curtailing the environmental impact of this sector is therefore an urgent task for ensuring the survival of future generations.

One of the major challenges in greening the construction sector is that as an industry, it is fragmented and disjointed. A single construction project can involve hundreds or even thousands of different organizations in a supply chain. The question then is how can environmental values and practices be implemented throughout the whole supply chain?

To address this problem, academics from Middlesex University developed a green supply chain management framework, which they tested and validated in the United Arab Emirates. Read their , or for a quick summary, check out the infographic below.

Infographic: How to make the construction sector greener.


Read more! This infographic is based on “” published in Supply Chain Management: An International Journal.

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