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Real World Research - #RealWorldResearch

Real World Impact

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Academia and industry working together toward a common goal: to make the world a better place.

Most of us would agree this is a worthy aspiration. But if the consensus is that we need to tear down the silos, roll-up our sleeves, and work together, why is it that collaboration is more often the exception than the rule?

As is the case with most things, it's complicated. Incentives work against us and make doing the right thing – for individuals, society, and the planet – something that’s easier said than done.  So we've decided to launch an initiative to aid the cause. To put the emphasis on 'real world' when the discussion turns to impact.

The first step is awareness – and so that's where we'll begin. We're going to kick off debates and host discussions to create the kind of positive change that can only come when academics and practitioners work together. Small steps in the beginning for sure: but small changes can make a big impact.

Take the leap. Show willingness – if not (yet) in practice, then at least in spirit – to take a new perspective and consider a new way of working. Start today, in ways large and small, to bring your research to life.  We will do our best to support you every step of the way.

Our blog

Image: Dr Julie Bayley.In 2018 I will #TakeTheLeap by...

Dr Julie Bayley is a health Psychologist at Coventry University and the Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) Impact Champion.

In this blog, Julie sets out her own impact resolutions for 2018 - and advises how you might 'take the leap' to enhance the impact of your research…

Image: Professor Alex De Ruyter.Brexit and the real world impact debate: some reflections on the role of social sciences

For academics, Brexit brings up difficult issues in terms of whether one’s role is merely to observe and comment on the process as it unfolds, or to explicitly argue for or against it, says Professor Alex De Ruyter, Director of the Centre for Brexit Studies at Birmingham City University…

Image: Sharon Parkinson.Making research accessible to the non-specialist

Sharon Parkinson shares her thoughts on being part of the judging panel at the 8th Annual University of Leeds Postgraduate Research Conference, highlighting the role impact and potential impact plays in the nomination process for the Postgraduate Researcher of the Year Award.

Named "Showcase", this event’ is the annual University of Leeds Doctoral College celebration of postgraduate research.

Image: Professor Chris Brown.Assessing the impact of Research Learning Communities

Professor Chris Brown, School of Education and Childhood Studies, University of Portsmouth and author of the newly published book  shares his experiences of working with teachers and school leaders using high quality research evidence to improve specific teaching and learning in their schools.

Image: Dr Richard Teare.How can practitioners help strengthen applied research?

Dr Richard Teare, Managing Editor of Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes (WHATT), gives his opinion on how practitioners can help strengthen research.

WHATT aims to make a practical and theoretical contribution to hospitality and tourism development by focusing on key industry issues.

Image: Dr Theo Gavrielides.Not really a dirty word: human rights for a real world impact on our health

Dr Theo Gavrielides, Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare, believes that human rights can act as levers that can lift even the most powerful obstacles in the pursuit of dignity and justice, and argues that research can inform, support and, ultimately, greatly improve the delivery of care services.

Image: Simon Linacre.Does social science ‘research with impact’ actually make any impact in the real world?

‘Real world impact’ is an increasingly significant part of the research process. But immature and improper definition of the term is leading to misrepresentation. We need to refresh the debate, argues Simon Linacre, Emerald's Head of Business, Management and Economics journals.



Image: The business of impact