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Real World Impact

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Real World Impact is about making a difference. Communities joining together to find ways to make bigger changes in the real world.

We appreciate it’s not always easy for academics & researchers to see the impact of their work in the real world.  Changing rules and incentives make it even more complicated and sometimes work against you. That’s why we have launched ‘Real World Impact’ to aid the cause and call on research communities to come together and break down the barriers that stand in your way.

The first step is awareness – so that's where we've begun. We're kicking off debates and discussions to create the kind of positive change that can only come when academics and practitioners work together. We believe small steps can lead to a big change.

So join in our debates, have your say in our blogs and read our useful toolkits to help bring your research to life.  Together we can make a difference.

Latest blogs

Image: Dr Nancy RobertsTranslating Research Into Action On Diversity And Inclusion

Having worked in publishing for over 20 years in a variety of roles, Dr Nancy Roberts founded social enterprise Business Inclusivity in 2017 to support publishers in thinking about how diversity and inclusion can solve business problems and deliver a sustainable industry. In 2018 Nancy will be launching a new startup, Umbrella, which will bring Big Data to bear on issues of diversity and inclusion.

Image: Herman AguinisWhy We Need to Rethink CEO Compensation Practices

A 2018 report by The Wall Street Journal showed that in 2017 a quarter of CEOs among the 133 largest U.S. firms saw their pay go up by approximately 25%. The average increase for the entire sample was around 10%. In sharp contrast, wages for employees at the same firms barely showed an increase. This obvious disparity in wage increases prompts a re-examination of that age old, much-debated question: do CEOs deserve the pay they receive? According to a recent study by Herman Aguinis, Luis R. Gomez-Mejia, Geoffrey P. Martin, Harry Joo, and Ernest O’Boyle, many don't...

Image: Professor Andy PenalunaThe Hidden Impact: a Reflection on the Importance of Research

Professor Andy Penaluna is the Director of the International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship at University of Wales Trinity Saint David. He also has experience working for the UK Government, the United Nations and the OECD on related policy making. Here, he discusses his successful career in the field of Entrepreneurship and reflects on how his research has made a difference. ...

Image: Carol PoveyRevelations About Hans Asperger: Are We Now Going to Get Rid of the Asperger Label?

Carol Povey is the Director of the Centre for Autism at the National Autistic Society. The Centre aims to raise the standard of support and services for autistic people, while providing a supportive community for those with autism and their families. In light of recent news about Hans Asperger, she discusses how these discoveries may impact on people with Asperger Syndrome...

Image: Applying the Sociological Imagination.Applying the Sociological Imagination: A Toolkit For Tomorrow’s Graduates

In April 2018, at the British Sociological Association conference, a group of UK sociologists launched a curriculum in ‘applied sociology’. They want to tool up new sociology graduates to use their degrees to improve workplaces, organizations and communities, ensuring the undergraduate curriculum has an applied component. Professor Nick Fox, co-convenor of BSA-SoA, explains….

Image: Dr Maureen Brookes.The Combat Project: Using Research to Address Human Trafficking

Dr Maureen Brookes is a Reader in Marketing and Teaching Fellow at the Oxford School of Hospitality Management, Oxford Brookes University. Maureen’s most recent research has focused on combatting human trafficking (THB) in the hospitality industry. Here, she explains the project’s aims and discusses the approach adopted to ensure real world impact from the research.



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