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The future of workplace learning

The way that we learn at work is changing. This means that HR professionals today are faced with a plethora of new challenges and new opportunities.

How can we encourage continual learning within virtual teams? How can we promote innovative work behaviour amongst employees? How can we harness technology to enhance learning?

Take a look at our interview with Peter Casebow, CEO of Good Practice to find out more about the future of workplace learning and how important it is for both employees and organizations.

This month's articles illuminate a range of issues at the cutting edge of HR and Learning and Organization Studies, including the potential of augmented reality to aid learning, "knowmadic" learning spaces, and how workplace spirituality can encourage innovative work behaviour.

All research noted on this page is free to read until 27th July 2017.

Image: How to prepare the next generation of learners and leaders

Image: Building better learning.Building better learning and learning better building, with learners rather than for learners

The sort of buildings in which we learn and exchange knowledge are changing. In the age of "knowmadic" learning, how does design impact learners? This article argues that user-oriented design must give way to user-led design to build learning spaces that work for learners in the third millennium.

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Image: Next generation learning.What does it take to learn in next generation learning spaces?

What attributes do learners need to learn effectively in technology rich environments? Synthesizing the findings of 15 key studies, this research identifies six attributes that learners need in order to do well in next generation learning spaces: engaged, connected, confident, adaptable, intentional and self-aware. The researchers propose that learning activities that encourage and reward the development of these attributes will help to develop successful learners.

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Image: Augmented reality.Can augmented reality (AR) help learning in the 21st century?

With AR, any real-world environment can be augmented by providing users with digital overlays. The proliferation of wireless mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make AR more accessible than ever. This research shows how one AR application helped computer science students to understand a highly complex process through “learning by doing” and visualizing the complete set of steps involved for a particular operation. The article proposes a framework for developing other new AR applications as learning aids.

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Image: Group learning.Learning opportunities for group learning: An empirical assessment from the learning organization perspective

How can organizations create an environment that helps their employees to learn? Using survey data from employees from Rioja wine companies in Spain, this research analyses the impact of organizational learning culture and learning facilitators in group learning.

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Image: Workplace spirituality.How does workplace spirituality impact learning?

How does the way that an employee feels about their work impact their ability to work innovatively? This study shows how both the sense of meaning or purpose that an employee finds in their job (workplace ‘spirituality’), and their feelings towards their employer ("perceived organizational support") can impact an employee's ability to work innovatively.

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Image: Learning together.Learning together and working apart: routines for organizational learning in virtual teams

With so many virtual teams working remotely, how do we ensure that team members learn from each other? Drawing on interviews with a virtual team in the information industry, this study shows how a mix of face-to-face and virtual teaming routines can ensure continual learning.

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