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National Library Week is a national event sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) which is celebrated in libraries across the USA each April.

This year's event which took place April 10-16, had the theme of 'Libraries Transform'.

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The public library is becoming the cultural center of the community and the place to go for digital information. How do these changes affect the ways the public library is managed and used?

From: Book Series: Advances in Library Administration and Organization

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Libraries and library professionals face multiple challenges in meeting user needs in the second decade of the new millennium, which are discussed in this paper.
From: Library Management

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The academic library is more than just a building and book repository. This paper challenges the concept of academic libraries and presents how they are becoming reframed as different spaces.

From: New Library World

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One of the greatest challenges facing academic libraries in this day and age is finding necessary space for their collections and services. This paper shows how the Kresge Business Administration Library at the University of Michigan tackled this problem.

From: Book Series: Advances in Library Administration and Organization

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How can a library satisfy the needs of modern society and which strategy of library communication will be in demand tomorrow?

From: New Library World

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Librarians can effectively conduct library instruction to introduce first-year-experience (FYE) students to the core library resources in a 20-minute breakout session without the use of written assessments.

From: Reference Services Review

Image: Cloud.

How does the concept of Cloud computing work in conjunction with libraries?

From: Library Hi Tech News

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Effective school and public libraries not only provide resources and information about human rights but also actually ensure people’s human rights are being met through their resources and programming.

From: Advances in Librarianship

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A case study of the Kansas State University Libraries open access publishing endeavor, New Prairie Press (NPP).

From: OCLC Systems & Services: International digital library perspectives

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How do academic and public libraries support entrepreneurial researchers? This paper demonstrates the impact and shares best practices.

From: Reference Services Review

is a comprehensive resource for librarians, information scientists, educators and students worldwide, spanning disciplines such as library management, library technology and information science. 40 per cent of the titles in this collection are indexed by Thomson Reuters (ISI).

Image: PJ Purchase.The Online University Library at the University of Phoenix, Arizona, is a valuable resource with a broad range of documents and online information services to enhance students' academic studies and, ultimately, their future careers. PJ Purchase, Director and University Librarian, details the Library's extensive collection and the benefits on offer to the University's students and staff.

Topical books

Image: Advances in Librarianship, v40.Advances in Librarianship, v40

Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities and the Inclusive Future of Libraries

Published December 2015

Image: Advances in Library Administration and Organization, v34.Advances in Library Administration and Organization, v34

Library Staffing for the Future

Published December 2015

Coming soon

Image: Advances in Library Administration & Organization, v35.Advances in Library Administration & Organization, v35

Innovation in Libraries and Information Services

Publishing October 2016

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