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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016

This year during entrepreneurship week we are celebrating "Sustainable Entrepreneurship."

Sustainable entrepreneurs use business opportunities to solve world problems. With a constant need to resolve sustainable issues it is important to acknowledge this area of entrepreneurship. We have therefore collated relevant research, Q&As and top tips from the experts to highlight what it takes to be a successful sustainable entrepreneur.

Image: An essential guide to starting your social enterprise

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Below is a selection of our top articles relating to "Sustainable Entrepreneurship."

Free articles: Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Image: Entrepreneurship.What does the "Entrepreneurship process" mean for sustainable entrepreneurs?

This research examines the "entrepreneurial processes" of "sustainable" entrepreneurs. The study investigates entrepreneurs' decisions and management practices through key stages of their companies' growth to understand the strategies they employed and the trade-offs they made to become successful.

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Image: Starting line.The behavioural theory of social entrepreneurship

This research goes beyond stating the achievements of social entrepreneurs, and starts to to dig deeper into the motivations and cognitions of social entrepreneurs and analyses the social entrepreneurship behaviour of these individuals.

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Image: People network.How can sustainable enterprises utilize their network?

Networks provide sustainable enterprises a learning environment where they can obtain information and benefit from mutual learning. This paper investigates how sustainable enterprises can utilize their networks to bring about enhanced sustainability.

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Image: World.Sustainability: what do the entrepreneurship educators think?

The purpose of this paper is to consider the understanding and presence of sustainability within entrepreneurship education. The study investigates how entrepreneurship educators believe that entrepreneurs can contribute to solving sustainability problems.

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Image: Idea.How does sustainability drive innovation?

The purpose of this paper is to explore how companies are using society's sustainability challenges to innovate. Integrating sustainability into the innovation process allows companies to differentiate itself from competitors and have meaningful engagement with stakeholders.

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Image: World.How do businesses manage the transformation to sustainability?

This paper analyses the sustainability-oriented transformation of industries from the lens of sustainable entrepreneurship. The findings of this research can help managers to better understand their organization's role in the transformation of industries towards sustainability.

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