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It's the most wonderful time of the year – so the song tells us – but for many, December brings Christmas present buying pressure. Whether you're an earlier Christmas planner or a last minute purchaser, for those that celebrate the festive season the act of gift buying is part and "parcel" of the festivities.

Take a look at a selection of our latest consumerism research, including Women's magazines as facilitators of Christmas rituals and the cognitive attitude of online shopping. And for fun, check out and share the listicle below highlighting the 10 differences in male and female shopping habits.

Christmas shopping wars: Man versus woman

1. When it comes to Christmas gift shopping, men mainly think of themselves…

2. While women think about themselves and EVERYONE else.

3. Women are usually the main Christmas gifts buyers.

4. ...and often feel it's their role, just like their mother taught them.

Females generally receive more purposive consumer training from parents than males.

5. While women, more easily influenced by advertising, start Christmas their shopping early…

6. Most men wait until December to start.

7. Men are more likely to judge the highest priced option as better quality.

8. While women take time to make sure it's the right gift and the recipient will like it.

9. Men are more likely to go straight to sales clerk for info to find that one item they want.

10. But women take more time, making more shopping trips to complete their gift buying.

Image: Shopping.

This listicle is based on the article "" from the Journal of Consumer Marketing.


Image: Lisa Kiang.If kids won a million dollars: 7 spending preferences of young consumers

– Lisa Kiang, Associate Professor of Psychology at Wake Forest University

Image: Patricia Norberg.Interesting findings in Journal of Consumer Marketing

– Patricia Norberg, Editor

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