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Publish Not Perish: How to improve your chances of getting your research published.Publish Not Perish: How to improve your chances of getting your research published

Getting published is the mainstay of a researcher’s career path. Developing a portfolio of published works opens doors to funding, increased visibility within the respective discipline and career advancement. With the millions of papers submitted every day for journal consideration, what do editors look for when considering what they will, or will not, publish?

In this free webinar, Simon Linacre, executive publisher, Emerald Group Publishing provides an overview of the academic publishing process and what you need to know about preparing your article for submission that will increase its odds of publication.

Cabell's International

Cabell's is a resource that specialises in connecting researchers, librarians, and academics to the journal titles they need. Cabell’s was founded in 1978 by Dr. David W. E. Cabell. Dr. “Dave” Cabell, as a young professor of Management, sought an easier way for tenure committees, professors, researchers and doctoral students to find detailed information for the purpose of evaluating and selecting academic journals.

Today, over 36 years later, Cabell’s has expanded into an interactive, searchable database which covers 18 distinct academic disciplines and contains information about more than 11,000 journals. Through their continued partnerships with major academic publishers, journal editors, scholarly societies and accreditation agencies, they provide accurate, up-to-date details about academic journals to more than 750 universities worldwide.

The goal at Cabell’s is to facilitate scholarly communication by helping researchers select the most appropriate outlets for their work. They specialize in providing manuscript and review process guidelines, journal quality metrics, submission criteria and all the other information researchers might need to match their manuscripts with the journals most likely to be interested in publishing their work. Through their journal ratings feature, Cabell’s also allows researchers to share their own submission and publication experiences and to gain valuable insight from their colleagues’ experiences. A comprehensive database of journal submission information, Cabell’s is a powerful tool designed to help researchers search, filter and compare journals when making decisions about publication.

"The partnership between Emerald Group Publishing and Cabell’s International provides quality content and professional insights designed to help the global research community achieve its publishing goals. The entire experience has been a success and we look forward to future collaboration opportunities."

– Sheree D Crosby Vice President of Global Marketing,
Cabell's International

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