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Image: Babson College: Entrepreneurial Education

Award-winning teachers at the top entrepreneurship school in the US, Babson College, have come together to demonstrate how education can help to create the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders in the new book Evolving Entrepreneurial Education, Innovation in the Babson Classroom.

In the book, 45 educational scholars from a variety of academic disciplines at Babson College share their experiences and provide insight into their approaches to innovation in the classroom. This includes the latest developments in course design, the delivery of content to students and how to create and share high-quality content.

Three of the authors took part in a twitter Q&A session about the book using the hashtag . We have summarized the key discussions in the below infographic.

Emerald also held a launch reception for the book at Babson College in October 2015 - you can view photos from the event below.

Click on the image below to see the full infographic

Image: Evolving Entrepreneurial Education, Innovation in the Babson Classroom infographic


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Image: Dawn Williams.
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