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Forthcoming special issue from International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare- Health inequalities and migrants: Accessing healthcare as a global human right

Due for Publication in Volume 11, Issue 3, 2018.

Theo Gavrielides
The IARS International Institute, UK
[email protected]

Guest Editor:
Dr. Floor Christie-de Jong
University of Liverpool-online
[email protected]

Today, with 1 billion migrants globally, migrant health and equity to healthcare is more important than ever.

In this special issue, migrants are defined as all individuals born outside their country of residence and therefore encompasses a diversity of migrants, including asylum seekers, refugees as well as documented and undocumented economic migrants, and ranges from individuals who have recently settled in their country of residence, to those who have been resident for many years.

Migration has become a social determinant of health and migrants may face barriers in accessing appropriate levels of health care, which may be detrimental to public health. For example, barriers for migrant workers to accessing health care have been found to include economic and language barriers, incompatibility with work schedules and fear of losing employment or deportation.

This special issue in the International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare offers an opportunity to contribute to understanding the impact of migration factors, interacting with ethnicity and socio-demographic factors, on the health outcomes, needs and barriers to the healthcare of migrants.

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