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Emerald journal news

JRIM Call for Reviewers

Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing is currently recruiting new reviewers to carry out double-blind peer reviews for the Journal.

About the journal

Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing (JRIM) address substantive issues in interactive, relationship, electronic, direct and multi-channel marketing and marketing management. With its origins in the discipline and practice of direct marketing, the journal aims to publish progressive, innovative and rigorous scholarly research for marketing academics and practitioners.

Topics areas which will be addressed, but are not necessarily limited to, include:
•    Comparative studies of effective direct/multi-channel marketing activities across different markets and market regions
•    Measuring the effectiveness of interactive marketing activities
•    Identifying appropriate interactive marketing activities across varying organizations and industries
•    Interactive/Multi-channel marketing in the public sector/non-profit realm
•    Ethical/legal issues in interactive marketing
•    Leveraging current organizational competencies in an interactive marketing context
•    Strengths and weaknesses of various interactive/multi-channel marketing activities

For more information, see the journal homepage at:

Why become a reviewer for Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing?

•    You will receive free online access to the journal for 12 months from the date of your review.
•    This is a great opportunity to contribute to the growing field of interactive marketing.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please contact the editor, Professor John A. Schibrowsky at [email protected]. Please provide information about your research interests and any specialist areas.