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Emerald journal news

Thank you to 2017 reviewers

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us by peer reviewing articles submitted to the Journal of Public Mental Health. Peer review is a vital means of ensuring that we publish quality content that contributes to building an evidence base for everyone involved in the provision of health care services.

To give recognition to those who have contributed, here is a list of everyone who has given their time to review submissions in 2017:

Marianna Alesi
Julian Ashton
Susan Ayers
Bernadette Bartlam
Jane Bethea
Melanie Boyce
John Chacksfield
Tippamas Chinnawong
Daniel Churchill-Coleman
Peter Coverdale
Helene Denness
Shahnawaz Ghazi
Isabella Goldie
Srinivas Goli
Marie Ann Ha
Luke Heggeness
Gregor Henderson
Biddy Hibbert
Dawn Hillier
Cath Jackson
Jeffrey Jacquet
Peter Jones
Anthony Jorm
Lee Knifton
Nur Indrawaty Lipoeto
Martin McKee
Jeff Mesie
Tyrone Parchment
Malcolm Rigler
Emily Stapley
Cathy Street
Sandra Walker
Angela Whitelaw
Amisha Wilde