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Meet the New Editor of SEJ, Simon Teasdale!

Professor Simon Teasdale.Simon Teasdale is Professor of Public Policy and Organisations at the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health at Glasgow Caledonian University. He was awarded his PhD from the University of Manchester and previously worked at the Third Sector Research Centre at the University of Birmingham. His research focuses on the intersection between public policies and organisational behaviour, with a particular interest in social enterprise. He has been awarded over £5 million in competitive research funding from national and international bodies such as the United Kingdom’s Economic and Social Research Council, Medical Research Council, the European Union, and the OECD. His research has been published in journals such as Economy and Society, Journal of Social Policy, Policy and Politics, Housing Studies, Public Policy and Administration, Social Enterprise Journal, Voluntas and Journal of Social Entrepreneurship.

Commenting on his vision for the journal, Prof. Teasdale says:
Social Enterprise has rapidly progressed from the margins to the academic mainstream. Social Enterprise Journal (SEJ) was the first academic journal devoted to the study of social enterprise and is at the forefront of this fast-growing field. I am deeply honoured to take over from Prof. Bob Doherty as editor of the journal, and extremely grateful to the Publisher, Patti Davis for giving me the opportunity to lead the next stage of the journey in the development of SEJ. Journal rankings and Impact Factors are increasingly vital to the success of journals and to the visibility of the scientific field. Working with the associate editors Janelle Kerlin and Chris Mason, and with a team of researchers at the Yunus Centre who will provide editorial support, I intend to continue SEJ’s upward trajectory, growing the number of articles published, and enhancing their scientific quality and subsequent impact. To meet these goals the team at SEJ will seek to strengthen the processes used to select cutting edge contributions to the development of the social enterprise research agenda, and seek to strengthen the position of social enterprise at the centre of management and public policy research.

Discussing the steps ahead for the journal, Prof. Teasdale says:
Despite being relevant to a wide range of disciplinary approaches, it is fair to say that the majority of social enterprise research has been undertaken within the field of management studies. As the visibility of social enterprise has increased we have seen considerable policy interest in developed and developing countries. Social enterprise has been recognised as having potential to contribute to more sustainable economic development as well as tackling social issues in fields such as health, housing and more community-orientated approaches to public service delivery. As well as soliciting critical, theoretical, empirical and review articles tackling the impact of such initiatives, the editorial team are keen to develop contributions exploring how processes of social innovation are enacted through social enterprise, or understanding of the societal implications of social enterprise’s enhanced role in public service delivery. We will continue to welcome articles and special issue proposals deriving from original themes connected to social enterprise, particularly those that develop our comparative understanding of social enterprise.

In the short term we will be strengthening the editorial advisory board, and actively welcoming expressions of interest from academics seeking to join the board and able to commit to reviewing papers, supporting reviewers through the editorial process and soliciting or leading special issues and one-off submissions. We will also seek to add additional associate editors, and welcome expressions of interest from top scholars from all disciplines and particularly in underrepresented geographical regions such as Africa, Asia and South America. Going forward we will seek to grow SEJ’s presence on the international academic stage, enhance the impact factor of the journal, and increase the number of articles in each issue. In the medium term our ambition is to enhance the position of SEJ in global ranking systems. We believe that the way to do this is to continue the fantastic work undertaken by Emeritus Editor Bob Doherty in establishing SEJ as the preeminent journal in this field, attracting and publishing high quality research articles with the potential to make a significant impact.