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Virtual Special Issue available free until October 18, 2017

Journal of Modelling in Management (JM2) provides a forum for academics and researchers with a strong interest in business and management modelling. The journal analyses the conceptual antecedents and theoretical underpinnings leading to research modelling processes which derive useful consequences in terms of management science, business and management implementation and applications.
Emerald is delighted to announce that a virtual special issue is available to access free, from today for one month until October 18, 2017.
Papers are based around the theme of ‘Modelling of sustainability in corporate management and energy management’. JM2 Editor Zhimin Huang and Editorial Assistant Ke Wang note:
"Corporate sustainability focuses on creating a long-term stakeholder value through implementing business strategies that considers multiple dimensions of how a business operates in the economic, social, environmental, and ethical spheres. Sustainable development requires the reduction of people’s environmental footprint while providing a reliable and cost-effective energy supply through implementing energy and emission management efficiently and effectively. Sustainability helps to increase revenue, increase employee productivity, reduce energy cost, reduce material and waste expenses, and reduce strategic and operational risks. The challenge for many businesses and policy makings in this field is to quantify the impacts of sustainability in corporate management and energy management. This collection of papers published in the Journal of Modelling in Management gives a valuable overview of research in this area."

Virtual Special Issue

Energy consumption flow and regional economic development: evidence from 25 economies
Tang B.-J., Gong P.-Q., Xiao Y.-C., Wang H.-Y.

Potential carbon emission abatement cost recovery from carbon emission trading in China: An estimation of industry sector
Wang K., Xian Y., Zhang J., Li Y., Che L.

Organizational sustainability excellence of construction firms – a framework
Terouhid S.A., Ries R.

Paths to sustainable enterprise excellence
Edgeman R., Neely A., Eskildsen J.

Application of interpretative structural modelling integrated multi criteria decision making methods for sustainable supplier selection
Girubha J., Vinodh S., Kek V.

Identification and prioritization of corporate sustainability practices using analytical hierarchy process
Goyal P., Rahman Z., Kazmi A.A.

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