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Further guidance on ETPC article classification

Authors must categorize their paper as part of the ScholarOne submission process. The category which most closely describes their paper should be selected from the list below.

Research Paper

This category covers papers that report on original research related to English literacy in any context (e.g., in-school or out-of-school) and any age range (e.g., early childhood, secondary, university, adult). A broad range of research methodologies and methods are acceptable. Papers should include the following sections: introduction to the educational issue, literature review (usually inclusive of the theoretical framework of the paper), methods, findings, and conclusion/discussion that explains the implications of the research.


The category of "essay" includes conceptual/theoretical papers; reviews of literature, policy, or products related to English literacy; and responses to articles previously published in English Teaching: Practice and Critique. All papers in this category should have a well-developed, original argument that engages with a significant question or issue in the area of English literacy. Essays should include evidence and reasoning to support the author's argument.

Teacher narratives

These papers allow teachers and educational leaders to reflect systematically on their own practice and investigate an issue that is pertinent to their practice and makes an original contribution to English literacy policy, practice, and/or research. Strong teacher narratives include rich and detailed descriptions of practice, reflections on those details, and highlight the teacher's learning.