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The 36th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, 02-09 Sep 2018, UK

Professor Barry Rider, Editor of the Journal of Financial Crime and the Journal of Money Laundering Control and Executive Director and Co-Chairman of the Symposium, is inviting scholars and practitioners interested in the prevention of economic crime, in joining the 36th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime held between the 02nd and the 09th of Sep 2018 at Jesus College, University of Cambridge.

The theme of the 36th Symposium is Unexplained wealth – whose business? The overarching theme is how we can better identify and render accountable unexplained and suspicious wealth. As we increasingly realise that the way in which most of us approach suspect wealth and money laundering lacks efficiency and imposes arguably disproportionate burdens and risks on the financial and business system, it appears a partial answer might be in focusing on the identification of unexplained wealth, but then what do we do?

Well over 600 experts from around the world will share their experience and knowledge with other participants drawn from policy makers, law enforcement, compliance, regulation, business and the professions. In considering how to better discourage and control economic crime the Symposium examines the real threats facing our economies and in particular those who look after other people’s wealth not just from criminals and terrorists, but also indirectly as a result of law enforcement and regulatory intervention. The Symposium also contexts these risks and the responses not only in terms of the law, but also regulation and especially compliance practice.

In recent years the symposium has attracted well over 1,800 participants from over 95 countries. Just spend a few minutes to look through and you will be impressed by its depth, breath and relevance.

The symposium is not an ordinary conference - it was conceived to fulfil a very practical purpose. To promote understanding of the real issues in controlling economically motivated crime and facilitate cooperation and effective action – ideally preventive. Consequently, every effort is made to foster networking and promoting meaningful cooperation.

To register please fill in the form . For more information, please visit the Symposium’s web site at:


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