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Why publish with LHTN? 

  • LHTN is the place to hear what’s coming next in terms of technology development for academic and public libraries.

New column on digital technology - Case studies invited!

  • Our new column is called: "On the Horizon : News technologies and implications for Libraries.
  • We are looking for case studies on how new digital products and services are used in today's increasingly digital environment.
  • We are interested in hearing from vendors and writers in the IT market about how their products can be used in libraries.
  • Our editor, Martin Kesselman, will preface your article with information on how your product is relevant to libraries and why librarians should know about your new technologies and services.

The benefits of publishing in Library Hi Tech News

  • Visibility: Library Hi Tech News (LHTN) gives you the opportunity to reach the international library market.
  • Ranking: LHTN is ranked in SCOPUS, the world's largest abstract and citation database.
  • Service:The journal provides prompt decisions on submitted papers.

What do I need to do next?

  • If submitting a paper please use this code: LHTNCALL1401
  • Find out more about our style guidelines
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