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Journal of Management History

Journal of Management History

ISSN: 1751-1348

This journal is a Hybrid Open Access journal
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Editorial team


Bradley Bowden
Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Australia
[email protected]

Associate Editors

Kyle Bruce, Macquarie University, Australia
Andrew Cardow, Massey University, New Zealand
Adela J. McMurray, RMIT University, School of Management, Australia
Jeff Muldoon, Emporia State University, USA
Leon Prieto, Clayton State University, USA
Wim van Lent, Montpellier University, France
James Wilson, University of Glasgow, UK

Book Review Editor

Stan Glaser
[email protected]


Aidan Morrison
[email protected]

Content Editor

Moya Clark
[email protected]

Editorial Advisory Board

Sonia Adam-Ledunois, Paris-Dauphine University, France
Kimmo Alajoutsijarvi, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Nikola Balnave, Macquarie University, Australia
Hartmut Berghoff, Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen, Germany
Bernard Burnes, University of Stirling, UK
Linda Colley, Central Queensland University, Australia
Chris Corker, University of York, UK
J. Barton Cunningham, University of Victoria, Canada
Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park, Institute for Service Management, Lund University, Sweden
Sébastien Damart, Paris-Dauphine University, France
John Davis, Hardin-Simmons University, USA
Patricia Ordoñez de Pablos, The University of Oviedo, Spain
Gabrielle Durepos, Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada
Jane Whitney Gibson, Nova Southeastern University, USA
Stan Glaser, Fred Emery Institute, Australia
Anthony Gould, University of Laval, Canada
Gitte Graetzer, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Regina A. Greenwood, Nova Southeastern University, USA
Raymond Hogler, Colorado State University, USA
Anne Holmes, Australian National University, Australia
John H. Humphreys, Texas A&M University, USA
Andrea Insch, University of Otago, New Zealand
Jean-Étienne Joullié, Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait and Université Laval, Canada
Alison Kemper, Ryerson University, USA
Kerttu Kettunen, University of Turku, Finland
Roland Kidwell, Florida Atlantic University, USA
David Lamond, Faculty of Business and Law, Victoria University, Australia
Giulia Leoni, University of Genoa, Italy
Thomas Marx, Lawrence Technological University, USA
Albert Mills, Saint Mary's University, Canada
Jean Helms Mills, Saint Mary's University, Canada
Simon Mollan, University of York, UK
Patrick J. Murphy, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
Olav Muurlink, Central Queensland University, Australia
Milorad M. Novicevic, University of Mississippi, USA
Chris Nyland, Monash University, Australia
Stephanie S. Pane-Haden, Texas A&M University, USA
Simone Phipps, Middle Georgia State University, USA
Nimruji Prasad Jammulamadaka, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, India
Hindy L Schachter, School of Management, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
Goerg Schreyogg, Freie University, Germany
Chad Seifried, Louisiana State University, USA
James Spee, University of Redlands, USA
Chester Spell, Rutgers University, USA
J-C Spender, Kozminski University, Poland
Charles T. Tackney, Ph.D., Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Lucy Taksa, Macquarie University, Australia
Julia A. Teahen, Baker College Online, Baker College, USA
Kevin Tennent, University of York, UK
Grietjie Verhoef, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Terrance Weatherbee, Acadia University, Canada
Peter Wirtz, University of Lyon, France