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Journal of Financial Crime

Journal of Financial Crime

ISSN: 1359-0790

This journal is a Hybrid Open Access journal
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Editorial team

General Editor

Professor Barry Rider OBE
Professor Fellow, Centre for Development Studies, University of Cambridge, UK, and Professor of Comparative Law, Renmin University China, People's Republic of China

Deputy General Editor

Mrs May Li - Hong Xing
International Director of Research, Centre for International Documentation on Organised and Economic Crime, UK, and Principal Lecturer in Law, BPP University, UK

Editorial Assistant

Ms Angela Futter
Jesus College, Cambridge, CB5 8BL, UK
[email protected]


Louise Lister
[email protected]

Content Editor

Aisha Mayet
[email protected]

Editorial Advisory Board

Professor Xu Hanming, Distinguished Professor and Dean of Hubei Strategic Academy for the Rule of Law, Zhongnan University of Economic and Law, People's Republic of China
Dr Shazeeda Ali, Deputy Dean and Lecturer in Law at University of the West Indies and Former Assistant Attorney General, Jamaica
Professor Mads Andenas, Chairman of the UN Committee on Unlawful Detention and Universities of Oslo, Norway and Leicester, UK
Professor Georgios A. Antonopoulos, Teesside University, UK
Professor Fletcher Baldwin, Chesterfield Smith Professor of Law, University of Florida, USA
Professor Stuart Bazley, Barrister and Professor of Financial Regulation and Compliance, BBP University, UK
Professor Kiymet Tunca Caliyurt, CFE, CPA, Trakya University, Partner Herme Consulting Ltd., Turkey
Professor Andrew Campbell, University of Leeds, UK
Professor David Chaikin, Associate Professor in Business Law, School of Business, University of Sydney, Australia
Professor Rita Cheung, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Professor Michael Clarke, University of Liverpool, UK
Hon. Justice Olayinka Faji, High court of Nigeria, Nigeria
Professor Siti Faridah Abdul Jabbar, Associate Professor, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia
Dr Ye Feng, Former Director General, Supreme People's Procuratorate of The People's Republic of China, People's Republic of China
Professor A V V Guido Ferrarini, Professor of Law, Instituto di Diritto Commerciale e dell'Economica, Universita di Genova, Italy
Professor Leonid L Fituni, Director of Centre for Strategic and Global Studies , Russian Academy of Science, Russia
Saul M. Froomkin QC OBE, Director, Isis Law Limited, Bermuda, Bermuda, Bermuda
Professor Michelle Gallant, Associate Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba, Canada
Dr George Gilligan, Senior Research Fellow, University of New South Wales, Australia
Jason Haines, Former Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, UK
Professor Andrew Haynes, Professor of Financial Law, University of Wolverhampton, UK
Professor Johan Henning, Professor of Law, University of the Free State, South Africa and Professor of Comparative Law, BPP University, UK
Professor Jiahong He, Renmin University of China Law School, People's Republic of China
The Hon. Justice Frank Iacobucci, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Canada, Canada
Dr Dayanath C Jayasuriya, Corporate Governance Advisory Services Pte. Ltd, Singapore
Professor Louis de Koker, Chair of Law, Deakin University, Australia
Professor Michael Levi, Professor of Criminology, University of Wales, UK
Professor Jonathan R Macey, Sam Harris Professor of Law, Yale Law School, USA
Dr George Millard, Special Adviser to the Commissioner of Police, Civil Police Service of Brazil, Brazil
Mr John Moscow, Partner, Baker & Hostetler, USA
Professor Chizu Nakajima, London Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law, London Metropolitan University, UK
Dr Massimo Nardo, Senior Manager, Banca d'Italia - National Finance Intelligence Unit (UIF), Italy
Ms Catherine Pedamon, School of Law, University of Westminster, UK
Mr Marvin G Pickholz, Partner, Pickholz Law Firm LLP, USA
Mr Monty Raphael, Consultant, Peters & Peters, UK
Robert Rhodes, QC, Master of the Bench of the Inner Temple, UK
Mr Michael Ricks, Investigative Consultant, UK
Mr Marcelo J Ruiz, Cangueiro Ferrari & Ruiz, Argentina
Mr G. Philip Rutledge, Partner, Bybel Rutledge LLP, USA
Professor Yasunobu Sato, University of Tokyo, Japan
Professor Mario Serio, Professor of Comparative Law, University of Palermo, Italy
Dr Alain Sham, Department of Justice, Hong Kong
Mr Michihiko Takabe, Public Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Justice, Japan
Professor Roman Tomasic, University of South Australia, Australia
Mr Jyoti Trehan, Inspector General of Police (retired), Indian Police Service, India
Professor William Tupman, Professor of Criminal Justice Studies, BPP University, UK
Professor Petrus van Duyne, Tilburg University, Netherlands
Sir Kenneth Warren, Former Chairman of the House of Commons' Select Committee on Trade and Industry, UK
Dr Peter Whelan, Associate Professor in Law and Deputy Director, Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, School of Law, University of Leeds, UK
Professor Simon Young, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong