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Ageing and increased longevity amongst people with intellectual development disabilities (IDD)

Special issue call for papers from Quality in Ageing and Older Adults

Guest Editor:
Marcus Redley, University of East Anglia: [email protected]
The special issue:
As a result of men and woman with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) living longer the proportion of this population comprising “older adults” is increasing.  Consequently, if policies prompting equality of opportunity and care in the community are to be successfully implemented there is a urgent need to document and understanding ageing and increased longevity amongst people living with an IDD. 

  •  How, for instance, should health services identify and meet the age-related needs of a population already disadvantaged by measurable, and in some cases significant, deficits in intellectual and social functioning? 
  • What form should social support, and particularly housing, take, when generic services often see older persons with IDD disabilities as overly complex and specialist disability services, struggle to meet their age-related frailties? 
  • Is intergenerational support sustainable for adults with an IDD who are caring for aging parents, or perhaps, are themselves supported by their own, now very elderly parents? 
  • What might “old age” mean for people whose lives are not been punctuated by such biographical milestones as (for instance) career progression, retirement, home ownership, marriage, and parenthood?  Moreover, what does old age mean for those, who as a consequence of being born with a neurodevelopmental disorder are destined to live relatively short lives? And,
  • How should academics and commentators conceptualise the prejudice and disadvantage associated with the double whammy of IDD and age related frailties, such as dementia? 

This special issue of Quality in Aging and Older Adults invites submissions addressing these and other topics associated with ageing and increased longevity of people with an intellectual development disability (IDD).  Submitted articles might present the voices and lived experiences of older adults with IDD; consider the responses of health and social services; reflect upon the impact of life shortening neurodevelopmental disorders, well as consider how aging with an IDD might be best conceptualised. 
Submission Procedure
For details on the types of manuscript published,  visit the author guidelines for the journal at:

Submissions to this journal made are through the ScholarOne submission system here:

You will need to register with ScholarOne the first time you use the system. Please ensure you select this Special Issue from the relevant drop down menu on page four of the submission process.
The guest editor welcomes abstracts from authors looking for feedback before the final submission date at: [email protected]

For further information about the Journal, visit
Submission Deadline: 30th November 2018

Anticipated publication: Issue 2 2019


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