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Special Issue Call for Papers: Student Managed Investment Programs

Special issue call for papers from Managerial Finance

Managerial Finance solicits high-quality papers for a special issue focusing on topics related to Student Managed Investment Programs (SMIPs).

The aim of the special issue is to identify the current status of SMIPs in higher education and to promote a discussion of the benefits of such programs to students, universities, and the financial profession.  We hope to identify best practices in the operation of such programs.  We also realize there are multiple possible structures for SMIPs given each department’s available resources in terms of students, faculty, donors and other factors, and given these differences we would like to identify possible model programs that could serve as templates for departments considering creating a SMIP or as ways to improve existing programs.

The Guest Editor, Stephen Buser (Ohio State University) welcomes papers on any topic related to SMIPs including but not limited to the following points:

  1. When and how was your program created?
  2. What were the original amounts and sources of investment funds for your program?
  3. Have there been adjustments over time in the amount of funds allocated to your program?
  4. What types of investments are allowed? E.g. publicly traded and/or alternative investments.
  5. What is the instructional format for your program? E.g. a club versus a course.
  6. How do students in your program decide on specific investments?
  7. What forms of investment strategies do students use in your program?
  8. How has the rate of return for the fund performed over time in relation to a benchmark you regard as relevant?
  9. What types of nonfinancial support are provided? E.g. program coordinators, rotating instructors, guest speakers, and/or student workers.
  10. Does your program help students in the pursuit of certain careers when they graduate?  If so, what types of positions are more readily available once the students have participated in the SMIP?
  11. Does your program generate fees or other sources of income?  If so, how does the amount of fees compare to the cost of running the program?  Are portions of the fees and/or other sources of revenue used in support of student scholarships, or other forms of student support such as field trips?
  12. Are there any changes in funding, format, or support you would recommend to other schools that might consider introducing a program similar to yours?
  13. Identification of which universities currently offer SMIPs, either in the U.S. or outside the U.S., how they operate, the size of the endowments, etc.
  14. Any empirical or theoretical research related to SMIPs.

Papers should be submitted electronically online via the Managerial Finance submission system, . Please follow the journal submission guidelines here and specify that the manuscript is for the special issue “Student Managed Investment Programs" in the submission process. While the submission deadline is 31st of August 2018, authors are encouraged to submit their papers early. All submissions will be subject to double blind peer review by referees. 

Please feel free to include other topics you deem appropriate for SMIPs.  In addition, please feel free to contact the guest editor, Stephen Buser, at [email protected],  if there are additional topics you would like to see addressed by other contributors to the special issue of Managerial Finance.


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