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Special Issue Call for Papers: The Global Economy and the Gulf States

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences

Guest Editor:
Dr Ding Du, Associate Professor of Finance, Northern Arizona University, USA

Since 1945, oil exports have linked the Gulf countries with Western economies. In the recent two decades, there is an acceleration of the globalization of the Gulf states, particularly their interaction with emerging economies (e.g., China). For instance, the volume of trade and investment between the GCC countries and China have surged, resulting in the China-GCC FTA Negotiation and the China-GCC Strategic Dialogue. The globalization of the Gulf economies makes these countries not only being impacted by but also exert important influences on the global economy. There are a number of transmission channels between the Gulf economies and the global economy, including financial markets, the oil market, capital flows (particularly through Sovereign Wealth Funds of the GCC countries), et al. A thorough understanding of these transmission channels and their interaction with each other would help understand the interaction between the Gulf economies and the global economy.

This special issue solicits original research papers dealing with the transmission channels between the Gulf economies and the global economy and their interaction with each other. For this special issue, we will consider manuscripts that address a broad set of issues related to the Gulf economies, including, but not limited to:

•    Globalization of the Gulf financial markets;
•    Oil prices and the Gulf economies;
•    Islamic finance;
•    Global Saving Glut and the Gulf economies;
•    The Gulf states and emerging economies.

Interested authors should submit through the journal’s website and should select the Special Issue on “The Global Economy and the Gulf States” when submitting the paper online. Please check the author guidelines before submitting your paper at: . For queries, please contact the Guest Editor, Dr Du at [email protected]

Submission Deadline: January 1st, 2019