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Call for Special Issue Papers: The Residential Real Estate Investment and Valuation

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Property Investment & Finance

The Residential Real Estate Investment and Valuation

The Journal of Property Investment & Finance (JPIF) is happy to announce that from Volume 36 onwards, the journal will publish papers on Residential Real Estate to include all asset classes that underpin real estate investment. In this regard, there will be a special issue on residential property and we are pleased to announce a call for papers for the special issue devoted to Residential Real Estate Investment & Valuation. Suggested areas are:

  • Residential Property as an income generating asset class
  • The impact of residential assets (REITS or otherwise) on multi asset portfolios
  • The valuation of residential property portfolios (not individual assets)
  • Changes to investment strategies for funds as residential assets become more mainstream
  • The analysis of property markets where residential data is included in the overall analysis alongside commercial real estate.
  • The impact of sustainability of residential property prices

This list is not exhaustive and interested authors are encouraged to contact the guest editor with alternative proposals. The main exclusion will be any papers on housing policy and management. Please take note of the following requirements if you wish to have your paper considered for this Special Issue:

  • The content of the paper must conform to the terms of reference of the Journal of Property Investment & Finance
  • All papers submitted will be subject to the normal double blind refereeing process undertaken by the journal
  • Submitted papers must not be under review by any other journal
  • Articles must be analytic and rigorous, not merely descriptive.

The closing date for submissions is: 1st February 2018

Please submit your papers direct via the journal’s ScholarOne web site at Please indicate on the submission menu that your paper is for the "Residential Real Estate" special issue. Full author guidelines and instructions on how to submit can be found at:

Guest Editor

Laura Gabrielli
Professor in Real Estate
Università degli Studi di Ferrara, Italy