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University Entrepreneurship

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Science and Technology Policy Management

Guest Editors
Associate Professor Dr Vanessa Ratten, La Trobe University, Australia
Professor Adnane Maalaoui, Paris School of Business, France

Submission Deadline: March 30 2018

Special Issue Context

There is increasing emphasis on university entrepreneurship in the global economy due to its interdisciplinary nature combining administrative sciences, business management, economics, psychology and social sciences. The purpose of this special issue is to contribute to the discussion on the complexity of university entrepreneurship in terms of combining administrative functions in terms of teaching real-life skills and how to start up a business to the way it is embedded within educational institutions. This will help to understand the role of university entrepreneurship in our global society by projecting future directions it will take based on economic conditions. The continuous economic impact of university entrepreneurship is reflected in the implementation of an entrepreneurial mindset and improvement of services based on teaching business principles. There is a trend to embed entrepreneurship within both higher educational institutions, but also businesses themselves to encourage a sense of intrapreneurship. This means there is a more experiential approach to university entrepreneurship that combines traditional teaching methods with more contemporary blended learning styles. It is important for research to look to the future in terms of how curiosity-based teaching and business practices and being implemented in an entrepreneurial manner. This can include research about how to embed entrepreneurial thinking in an administrative and economic context as a way to be a global market leader.

Special Issue Focus
This special issue seeks to focus on the variety of dynamics in university entrepreneurship. Topics may include but are not limited to:
•    The purpose of university entrepreneurship by various stakeholders
•    Entrepreneurial learning theory and applicability to entrepreneurship education
•    Regional development of university entrepreneurship
•    Emerging entrepreneurship educational teaching and business practices
•    Experiential entrepreneurial training methods
•    Entrepreneurship education
•    Global entrepreneurial mindsets around business functions
•    Design-approaches to university entrepreneurship
•    Interdisciplinary perspectives of university entrepreneurship

Potential submissions may involve qualitative, quantitative or mixed method studies. The core theme of papers should be university entrepreneurship. Submission date for papers is 30th March 2018.

More Information about the Guest Editorial Team
Vanessa Ratten is Associate Professor at the La Trobe University, Australia. She is the Programme Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation degrees at La Trobe Business School. She has previously been on the business faculties of Deakin University, Duquesne University (Pittsburgh), Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland. She has guest edited journals including “Team Performance”, “Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing”, “Journal of Management and Organization”, “Thunderbird International Business Review” and “International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal”. She has coedited 6 books about Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Knowledge. Her current research focus is on education and entrepreneurship.

Carla Susana Marques is an Assistant Professor at Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal, where she teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in entrepreneurship and small business. Her research interests include entrepreneurship and small business management.

Adnane Maalaoui is Head of the Entrepreneurship Department at Paris School of Business.  His research mainly focuses on issues of entrepreneurship, and he works on topics such as entrepreneurial intention and the cognitive approach in entrepreneurship. He has published more than 20 articles in academic journals and in edited books.