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10th International Conference of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management December 7-9, 2017, New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

Conference call for papers from Management Research

Building Bridges between Ibero and American Scholars: Establishing links between scholars, managers, and management theory and practice within the Iberoamerican Community.


What is the Conference about?

The world is rapidly changing and continually evolving, and society finds itself navigating a post-economic crisis era but also living in a world that is witnessing one of the major technological revolutions in human history. This technological progress is accelerating and creating significant opportunities for social and economic improvement, but it also leads to major challenges at multiple levels (i.e., individual, firm, industry, region, country, and global). The 10th International Conference of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, be held in December 7-9,2017 in New Orleans, aims at discussing the business, economic and social implications of all these rapid and, at times radical, changes. The conference seeks to do so by bringing together people from different complementary backgrounds and management disciplines, and by providing the arena for a rich, respectful and effective collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Issues like the long-term impact of differential access to new technologies have on society at large, the prevalence and validity of successful management models across cultures, the role of governments in supporting economic and social transformation, strategic transformation and adaptation, effective leadership, the impact of technology on employment and training or the influence of social and economic inequalities in the motivation of the workforce, are expected to be analyzed using rigorous theoretical and methodological tools.

Management Research, the official journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, also joins the discussion and has scheduled a special issue with papers submitted to the 10th International Conference of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management. We are particularly interested in those that enlighten us how the rapid transformation processes we are witnessing nowadays influence companies, and how companies are responding to them, shaping the business and social landscape. Special attention will be paid to those articles that deal with the rapid technological transformations in information technologies and artificial intelligence, as well as those that adopt a multilevel and multidisciplinary perspective. We believe it is a great opportunity for attendants to the 10th International Conference of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management working on these, and related, topics to publish their research in a growing and internationally visible academic journal.

Submissions and deadlines


  • Authors who want their papers to be considered for publication in this special issue will have to indicate so in the title page of the document with the text “special issue”. Following the journal’s policy, as well as the conference rules, papers can be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • As part of the program 10th International Conference a workshop will be organized in which all the papers pre-selected for the special issue will be presented and discussed. Discussion will be focused on paper development.
  • If the number of papers finally accepted is not large enough to fill an issue of the journal, the Editorial Team may cancel the special issue and publish the accepted papers as regular papers.
  • Expected publication year will be (probably) 2019.


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