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Publish in Annals in Social Responsibility

We invite you to to the multi-disciplinary journal (ASR) edited by Professors Timothy Devinney and Marc Orlitzky. This new journal, launched in 2015, has now published its third volume and it is . 

Unlike other journals peripherally related to the topic, ASR focusses on a broad spectrum of topics flowing from work in primary disciplines – accounting, economics & finance, management, operations & marketing, sociology, psychology, philosophy, law, and more – that pertain to the social impact of the actions of individuals and organizations.

Topics covered in the journal include:

• Corporate social responsibility
• Environmental and organizational sustainability
• Economic, corporate, social and political development
• Corporate, institutional and societal governance
• Property rights
• Social institutions and NGOs
• Global issues of peace, conflict and human rights

ASR has a particular interest in publishing the following types of manuscripts:

• Comprehensive, state-of-the-art literature reviews that integrate diverse research streams and identify promising directions for future investigations
• Analytical essays that offer new conceptual models or theoretical perspectives and use these frameworks as a foundation for developing research propositions
• Empirical articles that report results from exploratory or hypothesis - testing studies based on quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies

Methodological papers that refine existing methodologies or develop new ones for investigating particular issues or topics central to the fields of inquiry listed above.Interested?
Our plus will provide you with comprehensive support throughout the submission process.