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Monographs, Reference & Textbooks

Emerald publishes a comprehensive programme of over 300 reference books, monographs, handbooks and academic text books in a variety of subjects ranging from business management to education and transport.

Filled with ground-breaking research, case studies, and advice from global thought leaders, our books deliver relevant and timely knowledge to professional communities, adding depth to research and learning. Several prestigious institutions have adopted our titles for coursework, including Princeton University, Purdue University System, Florida State University and the University of Amsterdam.

Our book titles have comprehensive coverage in Scopus and the Book Citation Index, demonstrating measurable research impact.  Purposeful and structured, Emerald’s book titles deliver specialist, comprehensive coverage on a clearly defined topic for easy understanding.

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Frontiers in Global Management Research

Frontiers in Global Management Research.

The Frontiers in Global Management is the place to take your avant-garde idea that doesn't quite fit into normal journal article length restrictions or into journal editorial norms, and to publish it as a monograph or shorter book (ranging from 80-150 pages in length).

Publication Date: 12 December 2020

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