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Emerald books news

Emerald to sponsor first Advances in Leadership Conference

18th-20th April 2012, London.

Many of the advances in leadership, which Emerald has published, have come from leaders, researchers or developers working on their own. Imagine what advances are possible if the three influence groups came together. The Advances in Leadership Conference, aims to do exactly that.

Thought leaders from the UK, and around the world, who have made advances in leadership, are coming together to share their progress, and, through conference-wide discussions, trigger even more advances. "It is likely that some, or more, of the next generation of advances in leadership will come from collaborations between the delegates and speakers who attend the conference," says Dr Nigel MacLennan, one of the speakers presenting advances.

To promote further progress, a competition is running to find the student of leadership who has made the greatest advances in the field. The winner presents their advances to the conference, creating a fantastic career boosting opportunity. Competition details are on the conference website.

Some advances being presented:

  • the leadership techniques that have resulted in crime on the London Underground being reduced to the lowest in recorded history
  • a leadership tool to enable any normal adult to generate vast numbers of ideas systematically and reliably in real time
  • from Management 1.0 to Management 2.0
  • the use of collaborative techniques to develop collaborative leadership behaviours
  • a new typology of leadership
  • improved approaches to implementation of known effective leadership practices
  • applications of EI to leadership development, and much more.

To find out more or book your place at the 1st Advances in Leadership Conference, 18th-20th April 2012, London, go to