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Emerald Open Research is a new open access publishing platform run in partnership with F1000. Due to launch at the end of 2018, it is a natural evolution of our flagship Emerald Reach programme, developed to offer authors choice, visibility, and flexibility when it comes to open access.

Emerald Open Research will publish a wide range of outputs – from original research articles to case studies and data notes – with an initial focus on content aligned to Sustainable Development Goals identified by the United Nations (UN).

Research will be published within an average of seven days of submission, so there will be no delays in sharing important advances in areas the UN considers urgent. And, once publications are online, they can start gathering views, downloads and citations; these metrics will be tracked in real-time and displayed alongside the content.

How will Emerald Open Research work?

The process is simple.

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Why launch Emerald Open Research?

We found so many compelling reasons to become the first publisher to partner with F1000. Here are just a few of them.

  • We are passionate about open research and offering authors innovative ways to increase the discoverability, accessibility, and potential impact of their work.

  • The UN wants its Sustainable Development Goals to be universal, inclusive and indivisible. With this new channel, we can ensure that research outputs in these vital areas reach a truly global audience without delay.

  • Reproducibility is one of the biggest challenges facing science today. The Emerald Open Research publishing model supports research integrity, reproducibility and transparency.

What about Emerald's existing open access channels?

They will continue to welcome submissions. In fact, we are actively seeking opportunities to expand them. In September 2017, we highlighted our commitment to openness with the launch of the Emerald Reach open access programme. The goal was, and remains, to deliver high quality open access content, provide authors with flexibility, and extend their impact. Since that launch, we have focused on growing our portfolio of open access content and now publish more than 30 fully open access journals. Our remaining titles all offer Green and Gold open access options. We also offer a range of open access options to book authors and their sponsoring bodies across all formats. Emerald Open Research is a natural extension of our Emerald Reach activities.

What will it cost to publish with Emerald Open Research?

Publishing costs will be covered by an article processing charge (APC) payable by the author or their institution / funder. The APC is a fixed charge ranging between $1200-$2500*, depending on article length. F1000 will provide editorial, production and administrative support to authors throughout the publication and post-publication peer review process.

Article processing fees

  • Fewer than 5,000 words $1,200*
  • 5,000-8,000 words $1,500*
  • 8,000-15,000 words $2,500*

*Plus VAT as applicable under UK & EU VAT rules

We will also accept articles longer than 15,000 words; the APC for these will be calculated based on the word count.

Who is eligible to publish?

We invite open submissions from academics, professionals and policy makers. The only requirement is that authors must be able to demonstrate an affiliation to a recognised research or professional organisation. This is to ensure articles represent scholarly work that is suitable for peer review.

Tell me more about the content Emerald Open Research will publish

The initial focus will be on six interdisciplinary research themes, aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals:  Sustainable Food Systems, Healthy Lives, Responsible Management, Sustainable Cities, 21st Century Education and Digital World.

We hope to offer further subject options from 2019 onwards.

How will funders and research institutions evaluate outputs?

Many institutions and funders now strongly support initiatives that focus on direct evaluation of research. Article-level metrics (e.g. citations, views, downloads and altmetrics) will allow direct evaluation of the research output and reflect a more general industry move towards using a range of indicators to evaluate researchers and their work.

Who owns Emerald Open Research?

The platform is owned and managed by Emerald Publishing. F1000 provides the technology and editorial support. While F1000 already powers research platforms owned by humanitarian and charitable bodies such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust, this is the first time F1000 will operate a publishing platform for a publisher.

Is Emerald Open Research a preprint server like arXiv?

No. It is similar in that it offers immediate publication but, unlike a preprint server, all articles published on Emerald Open Research undergo formal, invited peer review. Once Emerald Open Research has been evaluated by the relevant bibliographic databases, content that achieves the required level of positive formal peer review will be indexed in those databases.

When will the new platform launch and accept submissions?

Emerald Open Research is scheduled to go live and begin accepting submissions in the fourth quarter of 2018. You can stay up-to-date with the latest news by contacting us at [email protected].

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