Analyzing media types and content orientations in Facebook for global brands

Dae-Hee Kim (Luter School of Business, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Virginia, USA)
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– This study aims to examine current practices of social media marketing among major global brands across five product categories (namely, convenience, shopping, specialty, industrial and service). Assessing the frequency, media type and content orientations of corporate Facebook pages, this study aims to isolate the qualitative factors of a brand’s social media message that are most likely to facilitate a consumer response.

– A content analysis of 1,086 social media posts was conducted from the corporate Facebook pages of 92 global brands during a one-month (snapshot) time horizon in July 2013. The data collected from each individual post include its media type (i.e. text, photo or video), its content orientation (i.e. task, interaction and self-oriented) and the number and type of consumer response it generated (i.e. likes, comments and shares).

– Research findings reveal that global brands actively utilize social media, posting on average three messages per week and generally use photos (as a media type) and interaction-focused content (as a content orientation) to secure consumer responses. However, differences in consumer responses exist along various product categories, message media type and message content orientation.

– Findings imply that marketers should not only carefully consider the media type they use to message consumers on social media but should also try to consider the individual consumer’s motive for interaction.

– This article suggests a new way to study social media content by applying pre-existing communication frameworks from salesmanship literature as a way to define message content orientation.

Social media marketing, Corporate communication, Social networking sites, Facebook, Brand management, Marketing communications
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Dae-Hee Kim, Lisa Spiller, Matt Hettche, (2015) "Analyzing media types and content orientations in Facebook for global brands", Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, Vol. 9 Issue: 1, pp.4-30,
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