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Latest books MARC records

MARC records are available for all titles included in Emerald’s eBook portfolios for serials/series and monographs.

Last updated: April 24 2019.

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eBook Series MARC records

Standalone records

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MARC records OCLC files

MARC records archive

Looking for archived MARC records? Our archive section provides MARC files and OCLC records.

The backlist files can also be found here for complete listings for Business, Management & Economics and Social Sciences eBooks and case studies.

MARC email update

To register for MARC record alerts, with your profile details, click on your name, click "alerts" on the left-hand side and then click "sign up for digest and subject alerts."

OCLC records and LCC control numbers

OCLC control numbers are available for ebook customers.

Download the current lists here:

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