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Focus on Australian libraries

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Conclusion – looking backwards and forwards

A good library strategy must look both to the future and the past. To the future to ensure that it can reach its users in ways that they will be receptive to. To the past, to preserve past users' heritage and culture so that the future can understand.

Australia, despite being a young nation, has a fine heritage – two world wars, the first European settlers making their break from the harsh laws of eighteenth century England, and above all, Australia's indigenous peoples whose history goes back far beyond that of the earliest European inhabitants.

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) has one of the world's premier collection of materials on the subject, and is building a digital archive of Aboriginal culture.

The archive started off digitizing audio video materials, some of which were at risk of perishing, physical items in digital format, such as CD-ROMs etc.; and copyright-free digital material (Stroud, 2009).

Its most recent achievement is to digitize all 500 editions of The Koori Mail, the fortnightly newspaper for indigenous Australians – see .

How ever much librarians need to future-proof themselves, they should never forget their role as custodians of culture. A keeping place is an Aboriginal concept which describes a place where precious memories and artefacts are conserved. AIATSIS library is a keeping place for the culture of the first Australians.