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M-libraries: Libraries on the Move to Provide Virtual Access, edited by Gill Needham and Mohamed Ally, Facet Publishing, London, 2008.

This is a collection of articles based on the First International M-Libraries Conference. There are a lot of thoughtful contributions and it is a good place to start, but inevitably in a fast-moving field it will soon be dated.

The Distant Librarian (

This has a section and a blog about the m-library:

Libsuccess wiki

A page devoted to mobile libraries with links to interfaces, applications, blogs, and useful reading material: see

Kroski, E. (2008), "On the move with the mobile web: libraries and mobile technologies", Library Technology Reports, Vol. 44 No. 5, July.

This is a very useful getting started guide, especially for someone who is not familiar with all the things that you can do on mobiles.