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The Future of the Library Management System

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We have seen how the proprietary systems have been massively challenged by OS systems. For the latter, we have looked at Evergreen, which is particularly suited to consortia and to complex multi-site institutions, while Koha can be implemented even when the IT base and the funding levels are low.

Not to be outdone, the proprietary vendors are taking their software development to the cloud en masse, and are increasingly opening up access to their code.

Was Breeding right to forecast the demise of the LMS? Perhaps he was right in forecasting the demise of the API-based LMS as the only option; however, the trend is overwhelmingly towards the cloud.

What we are also seeing is a movement towards systems that are at once more complex and more simple.  More complex in that user expectations place more and more demands on the librarian. More simple in that the systems work more seamlessly, and can be easier to implement.

Developments in LMS have made it possible for all libraries to have a good system, from the huge library consortia in the US to the small education library in Nigeria or the special library in the Australian outback.

This is software helping libraries to become truly democratic – knowledge open to all, which is what they stand for.