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Studying part-time

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What are the benefits of studying part-time?

If you are over a certain age and have a full-time job and/or dependents, full-time study just may not be an option. The choice may be – assuming both methods are available – between part-time and distance or online learning. Despite the practical difficulties, the part-time study route has the key benefit of the classroom experience, offering as it does interaction with fellow students and with the lecturer.

Ultimately, education is a social experience, and one of the most demotivating aspects of some distance learning programmes is their isolation. Coming to a class and meeting with other people makes learning fun; the human contact keeps you going.

The real reason for pursuing a programme of study, however, is to achieve a goal. That goal can be to achieve a better job or a change of career, or it may be to pursue a subject of specific interest or prove to yourself that you can get a qualification. The nature of the goal is not important; what is, is to keep it in mind in the dark days when you get stuck in rush-hour traffic before class, your presentation has gone badly, you have to miss an exam because of a work crisis, or you are studying at 2 am. The end result will be worth the effort!

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