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Studying part-time

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The type of help you can get will depend on where you live, and also whether or not your employer is prepared to help. The best situation to be in is where your employer is prepared to pay for part or all of your fees. What help you can get from the state will vary from country to country.


In Canada, high-need students may be eligible for grants, as may those with dependants. Visit the for more information on for education in Canada.

In the US, students can apply for state and federal aid, providing they are US citizens, permanent residents or eligible non-citizens. Bursaries may be available from individual institutions. See the for information on student aid.

In the UK, students can receive both a fee grant (for tuition fees) and a course grant (to help with other aspects of the course, such as books), the amount increasing the greater the percentage of the full course being studied [see the for more ]. Note that in the UK, part-timers have to pay tuition fees up front, unlike their full-time counterparts (see the BBC's website: "").

In South Africa, part-time students are not eligible for state funding, and are expected to fund their studies through savings or via their employers.

Wherever you are studying, your institution should be able to provide you with information on available grants and loans.

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