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Essays for sale – using paper mill sites

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Why do students use paper mills?

There are a number of reasons why students cheat or plagiarize. Any study will turn up a mix of justifications, explanations and rationalizations such as:

  • Students are under considerable pressure, having to fit their studies around other commitments, and many have to work to support themselves or are studying part time.
  • Students are unaware of the implications of what they are doing, and have little understanding of what plagiarism is. In particular, the growth of the Internet has led to a confused understanding of the nature of authorship – students believe that what they download is "public domain" and that originality is not important.
  • They are motivated by the wish to get a qualification – they are not really concerned how they get it, and they may eschew effort or activity which they consider irrelevant.
  • They are under real pressure to get good grades – from their parents, from future employers, and from graduate school.
  • Many students are classed as international students, with English as a second (or indeed third) language, and therefore struggle to write assignments in a foreign tongue, as well as with the concept of what is required.
  • Their tutors make it easy by providing "general" essay subjects which are easy to find on paper mill sites.